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Aitekx RoboTruck 1T The Futuristic Electric Truck


Recently, we had the chance to encounter the Aitekx RoboTruck 1T at the Los Angeles Auto Show, and we’ve captured it on film to share with you. Initially, from a distance, it bore a striking resemblance to the Tesla Cybertruck. However, upon closer inspection, it became evident that this was a different beast altogether.

source.image: DPCcars

The RoboTruck 1T is a mid-size battery-electric pickup truck crafted by an E-Mobility startup hailing from Silicon Valley, California. Yes, you heard that right – it’s an American creation, and there it stood, right before our eyes in LA, not just a figment of our imaginations.

Now, your initial reaction might be along the lines of “What’s the deal with this?” Well, let’s get the facts straight from Aitekx themselves: “Versatile, luxurious, powerful, practical, and enjoyable, with a spacious 6-foot bed, this unique multifunction midsize pickup, also known as a UTE, is smashing through stereotypes.”Interested buyers can reserve the RoboTruck 1T in either rear-wheel drive (RWD) or all-wheel drive (AWD) configurations, with an expected EPA estimated range of up to 550 miles.


Performance-wise, it’s expected to go from zero to 60 mph in a brisk 3.5 seconds and reach a top speed of 165 mph.Now, let’s talk numbers. The RoboTruck 1T single-cab model with rear-wheel drive starts at a base price of $45,000, while the double-cab variant is priced at $59,000. If you’re looking for the AWD Sports version, be prepared to shell out $79,000, and the flagship HyperAIX Sports Signature AWD model is available from $99,000.via: DPCcars