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Amazing 18-Cylinder, Two-row Radial Airplane Engine

The German motor builder, that goes by Heilemann Sternmotoren in its homeland, created the beautiful 18-cylinder Doppelstern Mit 700-ccm radial airplane engine plus propeller that you will be awed by in the video below. Even the smallest detail is a pure optical masterpiece. And, when it starts, you will drool once your ears take in the engine and propeller sound.

source/image(PrtSc): Heilemann Sternmotoren

The leader of this engine maker says this beauty is the result of 26 years of work and experience! By the way, though the engine and propellor are large, it does not seem to me to be big enough to get a full-sized airplane into the sky, does it?/heilemann

This is fine with me because it’d be a real shame to have to hide this engine in the nose or the wing of some airplane, wouldn’t it?


We have been flying our 9-cylinder radial engine with 350 ccm in our Boeing Stearman PT17 since 2007. The engine is completely matured and runs very reliably in harsh everyday use.