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The Massive T-284, Ultra Class, Diesel-Electric Haul Truck

Liebherr kindly provided Awesome Earthmovers with some fascinating facts on their massive T-284, ultra class, diesel-electric haul truck. The T 282B is Liebherr’s largest, highest payload capacity haul truck, offering the world the 2nd largest haul truck payload capacities in the world, up to 400 short tons (363 t).

source/image: Awesome Earthmovers

It was surpassed in 2013 by BelAZ model 75710 with a 450-ton capacity.It continues to be the lightest (lowest empty vehicle weight) and most capable (highest payload) ultra-class mining truck, while offering reduced fuel consumption, delivering over 4,000 hp.The T 282B is powered by a diesel/electric powertrain.

source/image: Awesome Earthmovers

This further improved machine enables customers to meet production targets with fewer trucks, or in less time.Developed and built by Liebherr, the proven Litronic Plus AC drive system determines the optimal way to extract power from the diesel engine.


With this system, more power is available to accelerate the truck and climb grades. The Litronic Plus system also conserves fuel when the engine is idling, minimizing fuel consumption and maximizing performance./mining

Combining the T 284’s efficient Litronic Plus AC drive system, high-power engine, and low gross vehicle weight, this leads to fast haul cycle times with higher speeds on grade when compared to others in its class.