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Amazing Tiny House Built For Any Weather

The Canadiana tiny house was built in Montreal with cold weather in mind and to be a four-season, year round home. “This beautifully designed, professionally built, four season tiny home will last you a lifetime!//iny House Listings

source/image: Tiny House Listings

My vision, as I was researching for my tiny house, was to create a living space that was functional and comfortable, that felt light and airy but exuded warmth and most of all, maintained a constant connection with the outside world.

To this end, I opted for large, double pane, argon filled windows on the ‘ground floor’ and clerestory windows at ceiling height to let in as much light as possible.Double french doors complement this feature.


Most of the windows open to create cross-ventilation that keeps the house fresh and well ventilated in the warm season. The house was also designed to be four season and built for the weather conditions of the Montreal area and to this end is very well insulated.”