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How Mercedes Multispark Ignition Works – 5 Sparks Per Power Stroke For Better Efficiency


Mercedes Multi-spark Ignition (MSI) is designed to fire the spark plug 5 times (sequentially) every power stroke in scenarios where the gas pedal isn’t pressed much and the engine RPM is low.

source/image: Engineering Explained

In these low load, low RPM scenarios, it’s more efficient, more stable, and more consistent when running a multi-spark ignition methodology versus the traditional single spark ignition. Check out the video for full details on how this system works, and why it’s more efficient!

In this technology, the spark plug is fired multiple times when igniting the air-fuel mixture inside the cylinder.When the load on the engine is low, it is more beneficial to use a lean air-fuel ratio which means that there is a lot more air in the mixture than there is fuel in it.


The multi-spark ignition system of Mercedes fires the spark plug more than one time per stroke. This creates a much bigger flame from the plug, causes less delay in ignition, and faster combustion overall.According to the company, this technology is good for a two percent gain in efficiency for the engine.

VIAEngineering Explained
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