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Amazing Useful Hammer Hacks That Are So Simple To Do

Knowing clever tricks and tips to make the mundane issues in life easier, leaves us with more positive energy to tackle the big stuff.The humble hammer is a go-to for most home improvement projects. But did you know it can do more than just pound nails? See what else this good ol’ tool can do.

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Here are some of those uses including: demolition, chopping, measuring, bending, digging and more.Today I Show You 6 Amazing Hacks Of Hammer. This Is Very Useful Hacks While Using Hammer. I Hope You Enjoy This Video.

Next time you’re nailing, do it in style with this sturdy but stylish hammer holder. To make one, use a hacksaw or band saw to cut away one side of a 6-in.-long piece of 2″ PVC pipe, leaving 2 in. at the bottom to drop the hammer into.


To create belt slots, drill 1/4-in. holes in two lines and clean out the waste between the holes with a rattail file. That’s it—drop in the hammer and enjoy its easy-to-reach location.

Shove a screw driver under the hammer head to protect delicate surfaces, like cedar decking or any other finished surface. For a straight pull, size the screwdriver so the pivot point is as close to the nail as possible.