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AMG GT R Roadster With World’s Most Advanced Car Security System


Buying the AMG GT R Roadster might seem like an odd choice, but this is why it’s in my garage! Join me to collect it from Pandora Car Alarms where it has had the most advanced car security device on the market installed and demo some of the crazy features this allows.

source/image(PrtSc): Shmee150

The Smart Pro V3 system from Pandora features numerous levels of security with multiple sensors wireless connected and with multiple methods of communication, enabling it to control the alarm and immobiliser in a way I haven’t seen before.video by :Shmee150

Not only that but it also offers immense levels of info via the app; from the basic display of temperatures and data, to which parts of the car are open, right through to even offering the ability to handle the opening and closing of the roof from anywhere in the world!


After heading over with the GT R Pro, let’s have a demo of the Pandora Smart Pro V3, before getting on the road back home with a rundown of why I bought it and how this car sits in the garage. Thanks to Pandora for their support of the channel and installation of the system in my GT R Roadster!//Shmee150