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Animaton Of Massive Ship Steering Gears Working Principle


Learn how ship steering gears work! How do you turn a 200,000 tonne ship? This video will teach you all of this and a lot more!There are two main types of ship steering gear, these are the ram type and the rotary vane type. This video focuses on the four-ram electrohydraulic type steering gear, its main components, and how it works.

source/image(PrtSc): saVRee

Modern ships have replaced the wheel with a simple toggle that remotely controls an electromechanical or electrohydraulic drive for the rudder, with a rudder position indicator presenting feedback to the helmsman.Watch the video from saVRee for more info:

A ram-type electrohydraulic steering gear consists of two or four hydraulic rams, connected by a link mechanism or a Rapson slide mechanism to the tiller which turns the rudder.The rams are moved by electir motors, the hydraulic steering systems are made up of one or more hydraulic cylinders, one or more piston helm pumps and one or more power packs.


Mainly advanced electro-hydraulic systems are predominant in ships nowadays. These hydraulic pumps play a crucial role in generating the required pressure to create motions in the steering gear which can trigger the necessary rotary moments in the rudder system.//saVRee

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