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Honda GoldWing Dorjet Landing Gear Systems


The Dorjet landing gear system for Honda GoldWing motorcycles is an automatic stabilizing landing gear system specially produced for the Honda Brand Gold Wing engine series. It is an additional apparatus that keeps your engine in balance. It is applied to the rear wheel sides.Independent landing gear moves relative to the ground, stopping when each foot touches the ground.It goes down at your command, 4 km. Automatically goes up when you accelerate.

source/image(PrtSc): Dorjet

With the stabilization sensor, it keeps the motorcycle in balance. Whichever side it lies on, it pushes that foot down while it pulls the other foot up. Automatic motors running on both sides of the rear wheel prevent the engine from tipping by balancing the weight. It is a product that will increase your motor pleasure with manual use or automatic use.

Due to the weight of the Honda Gold Wing Engine, most of its users overturn at traffic lights, unable to balance the engine. The Dorjet Landing Gear product, which is fully activated here, increases both your safety and comfort.As the speed of motorcycle goes below 40 km/h, green light turns on, indicating that landing gears are ready for landing.


If you want the landing gears extended, press and release green button (pulse button). The landing gears will be extended. You may press the green button to reverse direction of extending or retracting landing gears. Landing gears pull off automatically as you reach 15 km/h as you walk. You may press the green button to pull them off earlier, if you want.//Dorjet