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Antique 1931 Indian Scout Classic Motorcycle

A brief walk around a running 1931 Indian 101 Scout, considered one of the most desirable classic motorcycles. How much do you know about these amazing beauties? The Scout is a famous name on two wheels, even before a recent revival, and these early bikes built that reputation through a combination of solid performance and great reliability.

image/text credit: Buzz Kanter

The Scout wasn’t the fastest bike in its day, but they kept up pretty well. Their real advantage was innovative construction that let them eat up the miles while more sophisticated machines broke down.

The Scout had a sidevalve V-twin engine with its transmission bolted to the engine casing, allowing a geared primary drive – the only American v-twin to use this maintenance-free system.


The Scout engine initially displaced 606 cc, but the engine size was increased to 745 cc in 1927 in response to the popularity of the Excelsior Super X.In early 1928, a front brake was added to the Scout.The 101 Scout was noted for its handling and was popular with racers, hillclimbers, and trick riders.