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Aptera Three Wheeled Solar Charging Vehicle

The three-wheel Aptera will be capable of more than 40 miles per day just from energy collected by its panels.Our vehicles enjoy unparalleled efficiency, using just under 100Wh per mile for everyday driving.And they can go more than 40 miles a day on solar power — five times farther than other EVs with the same-sized solar system.

source/image: Aptera Motors

The Aptera is the first Never Charge electric vehicle.Most drivers will never have to charge their Aptera because they don’t travel more than its solar system can produce per year.

With its 1,000+ mile range, the Aptera has 4 times that of the average competition. Even the Tesla Model 3 Long Range has only 325.


The high efficiency of its solar cells is only part of the story. Its energy efficiency can receive most of the credits for that.The Aptera is still in the prototype stage.

This three-wheeled EV is powered by three individual wheel-mounted electric motors, all in an 1,800-pound package.Precise torque vectoring maximizes aerodynamics by allowing small steering changes to be made at speed without having to physically turn the wheels, leaving airflow around Aptera’s front suspension undisturbed.