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Aquas EP-15 Ekranoplan Ground-Effect Craft Concept


AQUAS EP-15. Speed, seakeeping and versatile applications.A multipurpose marine craft for high-speed passenger and cargo transportation. Max speed 200 kmh, 12 persons + 2 crew capacity, advanced safety, comfort, and seakeeping performance.

source/image(PrtSc): RDC Aqualines

The idea and conceptual parameters of the multipurpose marine WIG craft were inspired by dozens of inquiries from potential operators around the world. The craft may be applied for different transport tasks.

The air compression produced among the ground and ekranoplan’s wing increases its lift and enables it to float above the water at speeds up to 200 km/h.RDC Aqualines Above sea, beyond limits.


We develop advanced ground effect vehicle designs for water transportation that can revolutionize the marine passenger market. We are at the edge of aviation and ship-building industries as we are building a flying ship.RDC Aqualines

VIARDC Aqualines
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