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Archaeopteryx All-In-One High-End Rigid Wing Hang-Glider


The Archaeopteryx is a high-end rigid wing hang-glider in sailplane configuration.It is an extremely thermally sensitive aircraft, with which long range flights can be carried out – even with weak up-currents.

source/image(PrtSc): ruppert composite

It has the turning radius of a paraglider and the sink-rate of a high performance sailplane. The Archaeopteryx aircraft is very versatile, simple to rig and to fly and has very safe flight characteristics.

The aircraft can accommodate pilots from 165 to 195 cm (65 to 77 in) in height and 55 to 100 kg.Electric propulsion was introduced in mid-2014 and allows self-launching.


A handful have been sold (and some were retrofitted to earlier sold models). Takeoff roll distance is 50 m (160 ft) and rate of climb when fully charged is 2.5 m/s (8.2 ft/s). It can run at full power for 11 minutes on one charge. The electrical motor uses 10.5 kW at 3800 rpm, and the propeller delivers 37 daN when flying at 75 km/h./wikipedia