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Argonault StepRover – The Future Of Wheelchair Concept

The Wheelchair has many extraordinary features that barely make it a chair at all in a sense; more of an all-purpose mobility/travel device. Equipped to go up and down steps, in and out of (certain) cars, rise up to the highest shelves as well as crouch down almost to floor level, there isn’t a lot it can’t do in terms of functionality.

source/image(PrtSc): ARGONAULT

One feature in particular that will likely strike a chord is the wheelchair’s ability to go up and down.The wheelchair is able to climb and descend a range of surface levels from ground level up into un-modified minivans.

source/image(PrtSc): ARGONAULT

The user can independently board and disembark from minivans.The wheelchair seat can be lowered, allowing the user to reach objects on the ground.

The Hovering StepRover uses a method of motion patented by the company to provide people with boundless mobility. The product is based on a proprietary concept covered by the National and International Intellectual Property Rights.


Though the Hovering StepRover is a very intriguing and promising concept, many skeptics are questioning its various aspects including the electronics for everything, the battery technology to be used, and the possibility of the rolling maneuver.