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ASKA A-5 Four-Seater Flying Car Scale Prototype


ASKA showcased its functional flying car prototype, the A5 eVTOL. Watch highlights from field and systems testing of a fully functional prototype of the ASKA™ A5, drive & fly eVTOL.

source.image: ASKA™ Drive & Fly eVTOL

The vehicle combines the convenience of an automobile with the safety, ease and efficiency of VTOL and STOL flight.

source.image: ASKA™ Drive & Fly eVTOL

ASKA™ A5 is the first viable electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing (eVTOL) vehicle where you can drive on the road like a car and take off vertically to fly in the air like an aircraft.

The ASKA A5 eVTOL requires a speed of 105 km/hr to take off horizontally, which it achieves in under five seconds. This means the A5 requires a small runway of only 76 meters. Designed for optimal flight and security, each motor has an independent battery power source


ASKA™ A5 is equipped with both batteries and an engine as range extender.Optimized for safe landings and reduced energy consumption, also enables ASKA™ A5 to glide.Thanks to our electric hybrid propulsion system, we can ensure sufficient reserve fuel and flight time.

VIA ASKA™ Drive & Fly eVTOL
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