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Bravia Swan 599 Peugeot Boxer Campervan


The Swan 599 motorhome is made on the chassis of a Peugeot Boxer. It offers three diesel engines which ensure economical fuel consumption. You can also decide for the 4×4 version of the vehicle and choose from a wide selection of additional equipment according to your needs and wishes – an awning, satellite TV, solar panel, air-conditioning, bicycle carrier, navigation system, sound system, etc.

source.image(PrtSc): miniCampers

The Swan 599 motorhome offers all the comforts of home in just over 10 m2 of space. In a moment, the living room with its adaptability turns from a dining room into a lounge, while the optimally organized kitchen with its complete equipment allows worry-free use at any time.

The sleeping area includes a spacious built-in bed and underneath contains a large storage space that can be accessed from both the inside and outside. The kitchen area is located next to the side doors and is accessible from all sides. The vertical sliding window allows you to serve food directly from the camper van.


The kitchen includes two gas burners, kitchen sink with running water, refrigerator and workspace for food preparation.Even though it is a small space the bathroom includes everything for your personal hygiene. The shower area is combined with a swiveling Thetford toilet.Above the sink is plenty of space to store your personal items.