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ASKA A5 Real Flying Car Prototype


ASKA performs ground and systems testing on street driving tests of ASKA A5 drive and fly eVTOL.Meet the ASKA™ A5 – the first viable electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing (eVTOL) vehicle where you can drive on the road like a car and take off vertically to fly in the air like an aircraft.

source.image: Global Update

ASKA™ A-5 is a four-seater flying car, the size of a large SUV, with a flight range of 250 miles. We are on target for 2026 commercialization, subject to certification approvals.​ASKA’s target is to obtain highway certification with a speed of 70 mph while in drive mode. The first deliveries may be limited to local roads.

The aircraft has six electric propellers and six electric motors mounted on foldable canard wings. The large rear wing is optimized for gliding, smooth landings and efficient energy consumption while each tilt rotor is used for vehicle control.Drive, fly and then drive to the final destination in one vehicle – uninterrupted.No need to take a car to an air terminal, park, wait for an air taxi, then search for transport to complete the journey.


ASKA™ needs only a compact space for a launch pad and provides easy door-to-door transportation!Seamless to integrate in cities and outlying communities: ASKA™ A5 can be parked in existing parking spaces and charged at home or in EV charging stations. Does not require investment in electrification, parking and terminals. Range extender engine uses premium gas and can be filled at local automotive gas stations.

  • 4-seater
  • Size of a SUV in drive mode
  • VTOL – Vertical Takeoff and Landing
  • STOL – Short Takeoff and Landing
  • Full electric system with range extender (lithium ion batteries + engine)
  • Flight range up to 250 miles
  • Flight speed up to 150 mph