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Audi RS6-Chiron Avant 1500hp Hypercar In One Concept


Not satisfied with the powerful Audi RS6? Not even the ABT versions or edited by other tuners are right for you? Here is the incredible Audi RS6 Chiron Edition, a kind of shooting brake with Audi looks and Bugatti Chiron features.Now you can see what would happen if Audi joined forces with Bugatti and created a 1,500-horsepower station wagon with one of the best four-wheel drive.

source.image: Audi Power

The Audi RS6 Chiron Edition could be born, according to the artist Prokop Design , with the very powerful 8-liter W16 with 1,500 HP.

source.image: Audi Power

Practically it would be two engines of the normal RS6, with the addition of 300 HP which would be fine on a very high performance car. The car could reach a top speed of over 450 km/h with a sprint from 0 to 100 in less than 3 seconds flat.


From a stylistic point of view we note the single frame grille typical of the Ingolstadt brand, the front lights are, however, from the Bugatti Chiron, as well as the two-tone bodywork. At the rear, the lights are similar to those of the RS6, with a LED fascia that joins the two light clusters.

The oval exhaust, placed on the sides is a trademark of the House of the Rings.Too bad there aren’t the details of the interior where a synergy between the two brands could give life to an innovative and futuristic instrumentation.

SOURCE Audi Power
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