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Aurora Top Secret Spy Plane SR-91 Airplane That Doesn’t Exist


There are many reports of strange triangle aircraft flying high above military airbases, and across the world, that seem to defy modern aviation physics, with the abilities to fly faster than anything ever before, and seemly vanish into the clouds.little is known about this plane, but it is estimated to fly at a top altitude of 135,000 feet (or possibly 110,000 feet), and cruising around 90,000 feet. At these altitudes the aircraft would have an incredible speed, easily pushing mach 6 and tearing across the sky.

source/image: Found And Explained

To reach this pace, it would either have a ramjet or early scam jet like that propossed for the SR72, or it would have a very unquie propulsion called a Pulse Wave Detonation Engine. Basically this crazy idea uses small detotnations of fuel to push the aircraft forwards, constantly chain reacting until the plane reaches the required speed. This will result in a very unquie contrail of a ring of donuts dasiy chaining behind the aircraft.

Its very different form normal engines. All regular jet engines and most rocket engines operate on the deflagration of fuel, that is, the rapid but subsonic combustion of fuel. The pulse detonation engine ioperates on the supersonic detonation of fuel. Sonic booms were detected across southern california from 1991 onwards, that apparently didn’t match any known aircraft, including the SR-71. The researches picked them up on special eathrquarke sensors, and were able to say that the aircraft flew early in the morning, at 90,00 feet at mach 4 to mach 5.


There was even an actual factual eye witness account. An Area 51 enthusist called Chuck Clack claims to have a video tape of the aroura taking off. That one night at 2:30 am, after three days hiding in the mountains above groomlake, he witness the aircraft take off. It was 130 feet long, and a sharp triangle shape – matching all the other descriptions. As for the tape he recorded, he said that its locked away.”Its a legitimate spyplane, my purpose is not to give away legitimate national defence, when they get ready to unveil it, i’ll probably release the tape”