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Automatic Operable And Moveable Partition Walls


Engineered and built in Germany, the system fully automates the operable partitions and is operated by a back-lit LCD touchscreen control pad and/or the room’s automation system.

source/image(PrtSc): Bravura Group

The ComfortDrive system is available with solid acoustic walls in a magnitude of finishes, 45 STC glass walls (highest sound rated glass operable panels in the world), and non-acoustic glass partition systems.via/read more: bravuradesign

Everything from the speed of panel travel to the distance between panels while traveling is programmed from a laptop to top of the line solid state memory chipset (no hard drives that can burn out over time).


Safety sensors that come standard in the system pause the operation of the partition if any one of the panels come into contact with something or someone. Additional buttons on the touch screen panel allow for custom programming – such as sliding one panel out of the way so the caterers can easily wheel in lunch for the executive board, and setting up multiple partition layouts for town hall staff meetings.

Operable moveable wall system Dorma ComfortDrive installation at PWC in Vancouver by Bravura