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BMW i Hydrogen NEXT Fuel Cell Powertrain

Developing alternative powertrain technologies is a top priority for the BMW Group. The premium carmaker offers first virtual insights into the powertrain system for the BMW i Hydrogen NEXT and reaffirms its commitment to following a carefully considered and systematic route to emission-free mobility.

source/image: BMW

This approach also includes the careful consideration of differing market and customer requirements as part of the company’s Power of Choice strategy. Customer centricity and the flexibility needed for this are essential in facilitating the breakthrough for sustainable mobility on the global stage.

source/image: BMW

The second generation of the BMW fuel cell powertrain with a total system output of 275 kW will be piloted in the BMW i Hydrogen NEXT from 2022.The fuel cell system generates up to 125 kW electric power from hydrogen (H2) and ambient air oxygen (O2).


The electric converter is located below the fuel cell stack. It adapts the voltage level from the fuel cell to the voltage level of the electric powertrain and the peak power battery.

The BMW Group is already bringing battery electric vehicles to market with sustainable energy and will soon be offering its customers a wide range of electrified vehicles. A total of 25 models are slated for launch by 2023, including at least twelve with an all-electric powertrain.