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DIY Woodworking Cutting End-grain Board With Bread Tray


This boards are based on my older designs with fev changes. I have beautiful olive wood on stock and I sacrifice a little bit for this board and knife block. The board with the tray is made from walnut / maple and Ash.

source/image: Slovenian Woodworker

I got the idea fev years ago when I made fev of them for a client. So this is not the first one of this kind and work process was very easy. Becose I don’t like videos where is just one board being made or similar I thought I will spice it up and make fev things.

So in the end I made 3 boards one of them has a tray and I made one Olive wood knife block or knife holder. I know that this isn’t the best to have because the knives are exposed and so on but I really like the design and whole concept.


There are knife blocks which are magnetic and they are standing one the wall also uncovered. This may be even more dangerous but yet people still have them. If you put the block on the right spot close to the wall and don’t leave children to play with you will be fine.It took me 2days to make everything and one day to edit the video.