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Axial Flow Compressor Working Principles 3D Animation

Axial compressor is a gas compressor that can continuously pressurize gases. It is a rotating, airfoil-based compressor in which the gas or working fluid principally flows parallel to the axis of rotation, or axially.

source/image: MAN Energy Solutions

MAN Diesel & Turbo is the world’s leading supplier of industrial axial flow compressors. This animation explains the working principle of an axial/radial compressor by the example of AR-MAX1.

In its blading design, AR-MAX1 combines for the first time the benefits of conventional industrial compressors with those of aero engine compressors. This makes it extremely robust as well as uniquely compact and efficient.


The energy level of the fluid increases as it flows through the compressor due to the action of the rotor blades which exert a torque on the fluid. The stationary blades slow the fluid, converting the circumferential component of flow into pressure. Compressors are typically driven by an electric motor or a steam or a gas turbine./wikipedia