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Bellwether’s Model Antelope Volar eVTOL Vehicle Concept


The UK based Bellwether Industries begins flight testing at half-scale of its futuristic Volar eVTOL.Model Antelope is the world’s first ‘volar’ prototype that provides a vision of how a compact urban eVTOL with a hidden propulsion system can impact the world for good.

source/image(PrtSc): Bellwether Industries

The testing and validation process in the past years has been a valuable journey and will thrive our business toward a more human-oriented future.

The Antelope is a one passenger futuristiceVTOL aircraft powered by four electric motor ducted fansand a battery back for its power source. The aircraft has a canopy. The current test model is a two-seater.


Bellwether Industries’ mission is to provide the most compatible UAM solutions in cities. It aims to create a three-dimensional lifestyle and lead the world towards comprehensive urban mobility, which incorporates the urban aircraft, air transport system and infrastructure./Bellwether Industries

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