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Urban Aeronautics Fancraft Prototype Flight


Our tech demonstrator completed 13 additional successful flights, demonstrated fully autonomous takeoff and landing with solid stability in different wind scenarios. Continuing to push further on the flight envelope.Ready to skip traffic during rush hour?

source/image(PrtSc): UrbanAero

CityHawk is unique in combining a compact, car-sized design that has a four-passenger capacity, no exposed rotors or wings, no batteries and potential for zero carbon emissions. Hydrogen’s only byproduct is water. Game-changing internal rotor design for urban air transportation.Highly efficient and intrinsically safer in an urban environment.

Aircraft noise originates from the rotors. The Fancraft™️ enclosed rotors are much quieter.Enclosed rotors are also intrinsically safer—both for personnel operations on the ground, and when hovering near objects and structures.Duct design allows for enhanced flight speed and high stability while hovering in wind gusts.


With a footprint of 2 meters by 6 meters and no external rotor, Cormorant can fly in tight, obstructed airspace where helicopters cannot, while matching the payload/range capability of a Bell 206 or similar helicopter.Both manned and unmanned variants, based on the same platform, are planned. The aircraft is currently powered by a Safran Arriel 2 engine and will transition to hydrogen power as soon as it is feasible./UrbanAero

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