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Big Pete World’s First Monster Truck With A Trailer


The UK is home to the Monster Truck Nationals and in 2019 English monster legend, Mike Murty attempted a world first with his truck ‘Big Pete.’

source/image(PrtSc): Barcroft Cars

Mike told Barcroft Cars: “We have planned for many years, and for the first time it will be seen this weekend – the world’s first monster truck and trailer, which we designed to be able to crush the cars.”

Powered by a Big-Block Chevrolet V8 engine, three-speed automatic gearbox, and sporting Mega X BIB tyres – Big Pete is known to jump 15 feet and always puts on an amazing show.


“These trucks are car killing machines”, Mike said. “It is an awesome and yet awful thing to drive at the same time.” In the film, Mike and Big Pete attempt a world’s first – taking the truck and trailer over a fleet of cars./Barcroft Cars

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