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Big Rc Kamov Ka-32A11BC Scale Model Turbine Helicopter

The Ka-32 is based on the Ka-27 (Helix) naval helicopter.The helicopters have been used for the installation of power transmission lines and cable railway towers at hotels for the mountain ski holiday industry.

source/image(PrtSc): RC MEDIA WORLD

Like other Kamov military helicopters it has coaxial rotors, removing the need for a tail rotor. Ka-32 variants, e.g. the Klimov-powered Ka-32A11BC, have been certified for commercial operations throughout the world, notably in Canada and Europe. video by: RC MEDIA WORLD

This giant RC Scale: 1/4.9 Ka 32A11BC is powered by a turibne engine, it has a rotor diamater of app.2.50 m with a take-off weight: app. 24 Kg. The builter and the pilot of this amazing helicopter is Matthias Strupf.


The coaxial RC helicopters remain to be one of the most amazing and fun products to hit the RC world.The Ka-32 is given the finishing touches by this lovingly handcrafted kit. The finished model can then hardly be distinguished from the original.