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Bookshelf Converts Into Dinner Table


With one swift movement, transform this bookshelf into a large table without having to move any of your items. This clever design makes for a great room divider as a bookshelf.The Shelf Table is a true space saver and multi-functional piece.

source/image(PrtSc): Expand Furniture

The transformation between bookshelf and table happens like magic and offers unlimited flexibility depending on the patterns of your life: work, dining, art, or entertaining friends. The use is truly up to the designer and a must-have for functional spaces.

It works well as a room divider. Unlock, and simply lower down the shelves and watch them line up to make a table in a flash, without any of your items moving an inch. The shelf stands 53.95 inches tall x 38.2 inches wide. In table format, this piece comfortably seats 6+ for those unexpected dinner parties.


Store dishes on the shelf to set the table in a breeze or office supplies to free up space at night. Whether you transform the piece daily or once a year, it offers peace of mind and space saving in style. The table and shelf lock with a twist handle to secure it in either form.