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Boston Dynamics Spot Robot Engineering Secrets


Developed by Boston Dynamics, Spot is a four-legged robot designed to be rugged and customizable. It’s well suited for unstructured environments and is fully capable of climbing stairs and traversing rough terrain. Weighing about 32.5 kg, it avoids obstacles, sees 360-degrees and performs a large number of programmed tasks.

source/image: Lesics

The controller is now based on a Samsung tablet with a larger 8-inch touchscreen that boasts eight hours of battery life and improved ruggedness, drop protection, and weatherproofing, allowing it to be used in the rain if needed. watch the video from Lesics for more info:

Spot’s five stereo cameras now provide full color imagery along with the existing depth information. These cameras, located around the robot’s body, help the robot map its surroundings in three dimensions.


Spot’s impressive mobility and base functionality require the best available hardware to ensure reliability and ease-of-use. To stay at the cutting edge, we recently upgraded Spot’s base sensors, integrated a new and improved tablet controller, and designed a smarter and faster charger to keep Spot running at maximum efficiency.

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