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Toyota Hilux RV Motorhome-Alpha Revo Rocco 4×4 2.8AT


In this video YouTube channel 4You AutoManija takes you to a video tour of a motorhome in the form of a pickup truck with the Toyota Revo Rocco 2.8 AT 4×4 with the name of Motorhome-Alpha, the work of MHC.

source/image: 4You AutoManija

Motorhome-Alpha car is made from Toyota Revo Rocco 4×4 2.8AT car. It is a small family car. It has 4 doors at the back of the RV. There is a mattress on top of the driver’s head.

It can sleep for 3 people. The back seat is adjustable for 1 person. There is a toilet, shower. Heavy-lights. There is a sack tank. It can support 5 liters. There is a refrigerator. WP. Hand sink. Water system.


In can hold 60 liters of well water storage. 40 liters of waste water. Electrical system. When the car is parked. Plug in the house light outlet 220 volts. No generator. It is Comfortable to sit. Suitable for long distance ride.

VIA 4You AutoManija
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