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Brammo Empulse R Electric Motorcycle – Incredible Performance & Styling


Check out the fastest and first geared and water-cooled production electric motorcycle, the Brammo Empulse R, carving up the twisties in Malibu and cruising the mean streets of LA. She’s a thing of beauty… and the bike’s pretty nice too!

source/image(PrtSc): brammo

The Empulse R boasts a top speed of over 100 mph (160 km/h) and a range of up to 121 miles (195 km) for city driving, its drivetrain consisting of a 40 kW water-cooled permanent magnet AC motor generating 63 Nm of torque.

Its 6-speed transmission emulates the performance of a traditional internal combustion engine – but it’s 100% EV – and the first production motorcycle with a water-cooled power train!Power is provided by a 10.2 kWh lithium-ion battery pack using nickel cobalt manganese (NMC) chemistry.


Curious about all of the inner workings of a high performance Electric Motorcycle? Ever wonder how many battery cells it takes to power the ultimate street-fighter?

Now you can watch Brammo’s Brian Wismann dissect the high-tech inner workings of the award winning Brammo Empulse!From Battery cells to electronic controllers to a powerful electric motor, Brian breaks down these components and more, up close and personal.