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Building DIY Hydraulic Ram Pump That Pumps 3240l In 24h


Building my first hydraulic ram pump using plumbing fittings, brass valves, polyethylene pipes, fire extinguisher as a pressure chamber etc. It has 50 m of drive pipe, 1 m drop.

source/image(PrtSc): Donn DIY

It pumps water up to somewhere around 4 meters through 3/4″ garden hose that is 80 meters in total length. The homemade hydraulic ram pump pumps 1,5 liters per 40 seconds which equals to 3240 liters per 24 hours.Donn DIY

I had to build a small dam to provide additional drop for the water in the creek that reaches the pump via polyethylene water pressure pipe.I changed the swing dump valve to a regular sliding valve since swing valve got jammed at times and was not reliable.


I am really happy with this project. I’ve wanted to build it for several years now and seeing the water come out from the garden hose on the top is a dream come true. The pond with a stagnant water has now artificial flow through in the dry season.

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