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Building Oil Burning Heater Endless Heat For Your Home


ENDLESS Heat for Your Home WITHOUT Electricity 3.0. I decided to make a version 3 of the oil burning heater besides the version 1 and version 2. This heater was built to test a new design so that he heater can be portable and brought in any room and vented out through a concrete board out the window. Also, it can be taken down quickly and removed to a new location. The version 1 and 2 are perfect because we used a heavy gauge ammo box which can withstand the heat.

source.image: Daniel’s Inventions

The downside on the version 3 is that I used a thin corrugated steel metal which got too hot too quickly, but it was a good test all in all. Just needs to be remade with a thicker gauge steel. When the heater is used for the first time and gets very hot, it will begin to burn off some of the paint from the top of the heater. The same way a wood burning stove does when used for the very first time. After the paint is burned off, it will no longer emit fumes from the paint itself.

If the house is very airtight, one might need to crack a window open, just a little bit to provide oxygen for the heater, or the heater can have a secondary pipe that is bringing oxygen in from outside.The oil tank we built can hold half a gallon of oil, and it takes us a week to go through a single gallon of oil. We are only using the heater for 4-6 hours a day, only when we are there using our shop.


Now if you need to run the heater nonstop, you will probably go through more oil each week. To put out the fire, simply put your hand over the fresh air intake pipe and hold it until the fire dies off from lack of oxygen. We are using dry cotton baby wipes as a fuse. Once the entire tank of oil is empty, we simply install a new baby wipe and refill the tank again. When the oil tank is completely full and the heater has been working for 30 minutes, the heat released from the heater is enormous.Disclaimer: Don’t try this at home.