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CaraBoat 870 Trailerable Camper-Boat Hybrid


CaraBoat, the new 870 version, with the longer rear deck to enjoy the outdoorsAs the name suggests is both a caravan and a boat, the CaraBoat.The CaraBoat is more than just a camper-boat hybrid. In fact, you would be forgiven for comparing the interior to a five-star hotel or luxury powerboat.

source/image: CaraBoat

A stylish, sleek, aerodynamic caravan that is as easy to tow and is no higher than a normal off-road caravan, but then when in boat mode you have a safe, high-performance liveable houseboat, ready to explore the great outdoors.

With ample under-deck storage, twin engines, enough space for comfortable fishing and easy access to the roof, most people can’t help but be impressed. The CarBoat is 8.7m long, it has a 1.2 meters of rear deck space – perfect for fishing or lounging in the sun. The rear roof also lifts up for rooftop access, and there’s significantly more underdeck storage space.


With a fully-sealed fibreglass hull, the CaraBoat is virtually unsinkable, corrosion-resistant and has a very long lifespan. On top of this, the sides are composed of durable composite panels, and the 25mm roof and floors are extremely strong. /carboatusa