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Carthago C-Tourer Superior I 145 RB LE luxury RV


Single beds, bathroom, corner kitchen and L seating group – these are features that you would expect from a spacious mobile home. But Carthago packs all of this into the just seven meter long C Tourer 145 RB LE. The newly designed Dynamic Designer Rear with curved corner pillars and distinctive rear lights. Typical Carthago: The new rear design provides more than just visual advantages – the interior length has grown by five centimetres.

source.image: JARO SPEED

Maximum comfort, exclusive Liner genes and all of this with a compact vehicle length of 7 metres and light vehicle weight – a unique layout like never before!Two different engines are available for each vehicle: 103 kW (140 HP) and 132 kW (180 HP) for the Ducato, and 110 kW (150 HP) and 125 kW (170 HP) for the Sprinter.

Masses of comfort in the sleeping area, bathroom, kitchen and living area – the new Carthago is a real space miracle. In the interior, the c-tourer I 145 RB LE superior impresses with its new, modern “nuovo” world of style. The continuous overhead storage flaps in the living area with their recessed handles are a real eye-catcher. Also new, and yet another eye-catcher: the wall panel with the stylish laminate look on the rear wall of the washroom, and also behind the side seat.


Depending on the version and the basic vehicle, the length of the new c-tourer T/I 145 RB LE ranges from just 7 to 7.18 metres. This makes handling easier, and reduces the weight: Optionally on the Fiat Ducato or the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and enhanced with an AL-KO low frame chassis, the new c-tourer is also available with a permissible gross weight of 3.5 tonnes, meaning that it can be driven with a standard driver’s licence.