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Cavorite X5 Prototype Hybrid Electric VTOL First Flight Footage


Astro Aerospace reveals flight footage of its Cavorite X5 prototype. Continues developing the aircraft and working towards certification and commercialization.Horizon Aircraft presents the flying prototype of the Cavorite X5.

source/image(PrtSc): Horizon Aircraft

The Cavorite X5 is a vertical take-off, 5 passenger, regional aircraft with patented fan-in-wing design. This is a sub-scale demonstrator which provides key fight data to validate and improve our 50% prototype which is currently being built. The prototype was developed by Horizon Aircraft, an Astro Aerospace company.

Patented fan-in-wing design. Safe and efficient wing-borne forward flight. 450 km/hr. eVTOL capability when it’s required. 500 km range, 5-passenger.


With a wingspan of 22 ft (6.7 m), powered by an advanced electric motor coupled with a high efficiency gas engine, and designed around system redundancy and safety, the X5 is the future of regional and urban transportation.//Horizon Aircraft

VIAHorizon Aircraft
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