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Clone Hand XVI Strongest Biomimetic Hand in the World


The Clone Hand XVI by clonerobotics unveiled with our newest batch of 36 waterproof, electro-hydraulic valves with pressure sensors. Clone’s robot hand is only one body part of the whole humanoid scheme that the team is planning to build.

clonerobotics / image: Clone

This is the strongest, fastest, and most durable Clone Hand yet with an operational load of 15 lbs (7 kg) and response times of 50-100ms.

The robot hand’s hydraulic powering system has also been reduced in its size to make it more compact, downsized from 8.3 kilos for the original 20 valves to 4.3 kilos for 36 valves.


Clone has developed a technique to chemically mold dense, biomimetic bones from materials that can be obtained almost for free.Size and biometric characteristics are the same as human hand:Includes half of arm bone.Full forearm and palm with all possible degrees of freedom.Total length of 60 cm.