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Compact DIY AC Air Cooler No Added Humidity


Compact DIY AC Air Cooler! Homemade AC! Produces very cold air with No Added Humidity (for an air conditioning “like” feel). Easy to make! The main parts are an aluminum ‘transmission cooler’ along with a 3.6w (12v) water pump and some 3/8″ ID clear vinyl tubing. you just assemble, add cold water and drop a fan in front (or behind) the fins. It blows super cold air. I tested with both low and high speed fans.

source/image(PrtSc): desertsun02

With ambient air temps in the 80s (28C) the unit produces air temps in the 50s (10C). Using only one gallon of cold water *from fridge (36F/2.22c) plus 2 ice paks you can get one to 2 hours of cooling! (for longer cooling times use extra ice or ice paks and/or an ice chest). *note: video footage of temp drop is shown at 3x speed. How it works: The cold water is circulated from the bucket through the piping and back to the bucket in a constant loop.

This transfers the ‘cold’ in the water to the fins in the radiator. The room air is then pulled (or pushed) through the fins (by the use of a small AC or DC desk fan) which cools down the exiting air. The fins themselves literally cool down in seconds (20 seconds after start up and they’re freezing).


The model i used was the 401 hayden transmission cooler – cost about $22.00 dollars. Note the unit is all aluminum so it is extremely lightweight (less than 1 pound), and the whole setup uses very little power. The AC fan uses as little as 9 watts and the DC pump is 3.6w so the whole unit runs on less than 15 watts! Note that 12v DC computer case fans (of the same physical size) only draw about 5 watts so then you can run the whole setup on less than 10 watts! For off grid use all you need is one 12v (10 watt or higher) solar panel and you’re set.via: desertsun02

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