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Concept Seaffinity 148-Foot Hybrid Trimaran


Concept yachts are reservoirs of new ideas that may be surprising for some but, they always present innovative ideas, as well as attractive avenues for exploration.

source/image(PrtSc): VPLP Design

Our new concept yacht Seaffinity is a demonstration that VPLP Design’s passion for boats is there for all to see. It will certainly be a source of innovation for our future designs.

source/image(PrtSc): vplp

Equipped with 2 Oceanwings, real sailing revolutions, the same as those which will equip the cargo ship “Canopée” which will transport the Ariane rockets from Europe to Guyana.


It is also equipped with a hybrid engine, powered by electricity produced by a fuel cell and hydrogen, a voyage on board Seaffinity is a communion with its environment.

This yacht is open to the sea, inspired by the sea, inspired by birds like seagulls, inspired by their lightness and fluidity but also by their beauty. We reject any threatening warlike expression, just as we reject any association with a design that only values ​​machinist perfection and, in so doing, lacks the warmth of the living./vplp

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