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First Flight Of Cyclotech Cyclo-Rotor eVTOL Prototype


We did it! After months of intensive testing, we were now able to reap the rewards of our extensive work – and celebrate the successful free flight of our demonstrator. On 20/08/21 we reached the biggest milestone and are proud to share it with you. Follow us to stay up to date!

source/image(PrtSc): CycloTech GmbH

Check out the first flight of the CycloTech technology demonstrator. The Austrian company based its “CycloRotor” propulsion system on the Voith Schneider Propeller design, which has been used in maritime applications for decades.

A Cyclogyro rotor consists of several wings rotating around a central axis, which are connected to a freely rotating hub. An eccentric position of the hub causes a periodic change of the angle of attack of each wing during one revolution.This accelerates the airflow and generates thrust, with the altering of the hub allowing instant control of magnitude and direction.


CycloTech believes it could be used to create compact, maneuverable small drones and air taxis. The aim of the technology prototype is to proof the precise and agile thrust control to enable a stable VTOL, transition into forward flight and efficiency gain in forward flight mode.Air taxis with CyloRotors as main propulsion system, do target ranges around 80-120km, enabling a more compact design of the aircraft, and therefore reduces the direct operating cost compared to existing concepts.