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Couple’s Self-Built Floating Tent Raft


Jojo and Norah are on the adventure of a lifetime! They live in a tent on a self-built raft and travel around Sweden’s lakes via the Dalsland Canal.

source/image(PrtSc): Exploring Alternatives

Their raft measures 2.9-meter x 7-meter and it’s built with impregnated wood and 28 x 200 litre barrels. It weighs a total of 1.5 tonnes and is powered by a 6 hp 2-stroke engine.Watch the video from Exploring Alternatives for more info:

The couple has created a surprisingly cozy little float home on the raft with a bed, a table and chairs, and even a woodstove!


For electricity, they have 2x 150-watt solar panels and 3 batteries. When they visit small towns along their route they carry groceries and gas cans on a homemade handcart./Exploring Alternatives