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Couple’s 1986 Westfalia Motorhome


Cora & Tyler share a love for nature and travel, but felt it was inaccessible due to traveling costs.

source.image(PrtSc): Tiny Home Tours

After contemplating how they could pursue their traveling dreams for as little money as possible, they finally decided that vanlife was their best option.

When they started looking for vans, they discovered the Westfalia and Tyler instantly fell in love. Although Cora was not a fan at first, she has grown to absolutely adore their ’86 Westy.


Neither of them would trade this experience for the world. Their van still has many original features that were installed in the 80s, including the original cabinetry and swivel table. Also included in their layout is a small bench seat, a stove, a sink, & a pop-top bed.