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Couple’s DIY Camper Van With Murphy Bed Design Newborn On The Road


Mariajosé & Chase have been living nomadically for over four and a half years, two of which have been in this incredible sprinter van. After Chase lost his job, the two of them felt a little unsure about what their next step should be.

source/image: Tiny Home Tours

Although the thought of being jobless was scary at first, it sparked the two of them embarking on a nomadic adventure that would change their life for the better.

Their van features a kitchen with an electric stove top, a wet room style bathroom, a large L-shaped couch, a Murphy bed, and tons of storage. When it comes to the overall aesthetic of Mariajosé & Chase’s van, they took inspiration from the desert to create a bohemian look that gives their van a cozy feel throughout the entire build.


This lovely couple recently welcomed their newborn baby Isla to the world & have decided to create a new space that can accommodate their needs as a family of three. To find out more about their upcoming build plans & follow along with their life as nomadic parents.

SOURCETiny Home Tours
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