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Couple’s Luxury High-End Big Tiny House


Couple downsizes from a 5,000+ square foot mansion to a high-end Tiny House with every luxury. Now they live on the road and want for not.In our designs we focus on creating a en environment that feels like home. Living small or full time on the road should not mean you have to compromise.

source/image(PrtSc): Tiny House Giant Journey

The trailer is is 10.3 meters long and sits on a triple-axle trailer. The tow vehicle is Volvo 780 Semi conversion, on whose bed the couple carry an electric Smart car and storage for stuff like their ski equipment and extra tools. Offering a total of 27.8 square meters, the house includes a full-size kitchen that opens completely to the outside thanks to the triple-fold doors.Watch the video from Tiny House Giant Journey for more info:

Bringing the outside in, enlarging living spaces with decks and roof top observatories, full chef kitchens, being off grid capable, are some of the components all our designs have in common.


The design also needs to ensure that travel is safe and comfortable, that it withstands the stresses of exposing it to hurricane strength winds and earthquake like shake downs as you drive down the road. For two years we have criss-crossed the country, performing a shakedown of what works and what can be improved.