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Couple’s Self-Renovated RV In Pursuit of Minimal Lifestyle


Jennifer is a mother of eighteen children, and during the season when twelve of them were living at home, she and her husband realized they had too much stuff, and organizing was clearly out of reach.

source/image: Tiny Home Tours

This led them to a new life of minimalism and the purchase of the average R.V. The next project was a renovation that created a functional, more modern, and beautiful tiny home on wheels!

They customized the kitchen into a clean space with added countertops, open shelving, an upgraded sink, and a stove. The bathroom and hallway area hosts abundant storage spaces, allowing other areas of the tiny home to be used. The central flat-top desk spot is prime for office space and entertainment.


The master bedroom is creatively organized, with tons of storage, detailed clothes folding, and open shelving. This rig has provided minimalistic freedom and a new journey for Jenn and her amazing family!via: Tiny Home Tours