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Custom Built Jet Engine Powered Scooter


Warped Perception mounted a jet engine on an electric scooter, to see just how crazy it will be and how fast it can go.he scooter hit speeds over 63 mph while tooling around the suburbs – more than double its factory-rated top speed.

source/image: Warped Perception

I Mount a Jet Engine on my Electric Scooter to see just how crazy it will be and how fast it can go!.The electric scooter that I’m using is an all-wheel drive Fiido Beast, the jet turbine has almost 100 lb of thrust, it’s a really crazy project and one of the few projects that I was actually a little afraid of a little.

source/image: Warped Perception

The scooter has a combined weight with me as the rider of about 300 lb, so that is quite the power-to-weight ratio.


The scooter was a ton of fun even without the jet engine I have taken this thing on road Off-Road and I usually get to the store faster on the scooter than in the car, in the city at least.

Here’s Links to the Fiido Beast Electric Scooter and the HydroDiesel, after riding this scooter I never looked at any other scooter the same again, I have so much fun on this thing!.

SOURCEWarped Perception
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