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Custom Built 1930 Ford Custom Street Rod Durty 30


The 1930 Ford Street Rod “Durty Thirty” from The SEMA Show 2017.I don’t know where to start with this car.Everything is custom!!.It’s been widened.It’s been stretched.

source/image(PrtSc): ScottieDTV

Four BIG wheels.With a kinda of a clover design??.That look like copper!?!!?.The interior.One of a kind for sure and all custom You will just have to see it.LS under the hood.Plenty of power.Little weight.Crazy stance.All custom.One of a kind!

With intensions of building a ratrod, the Cannon’s started “Durty 30” with a junkyard Model A, a ’40 Chevy hood and a ’41 Hudson Terraplane grille.With huge 26 inch wheels, and low profile tires, Ostrich for the roof panel and nearly every piece of the car custom.


The core of the car is a Model A junker. After a lot of work, this is matched to an LS2 motor making 600 horsepower connected to a 6 speed 6L80 transmission at the rear wheels with help from a Vortech supercharger.//ScottieDTV