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Custom Built 1978 Pontiac Trans Am


In this video from the 2021 NSRA Street Rod Nationals held in Louisville Ky, I check out this 1978 Pontiac Trans Am.I’m a kid of the 80’s and the Pontiac Trans Am ruled.If You had one.Or even knew someone that had one..You were cool.lol.This 1978 Pontiac Trans Am from the 2021 NSRA Street Rod Nationals has had a slight makeover.

source/image(PrtSc): ScottieDTV

It’s not lost any of the cool of a 70’s Trans Am, Just cleaned it up a little with a modern touch…Very cool for sure!! Covered in bright silver paint with a hand painted bird on the hood that will blow your mind!.It’s a T-Top car and the bright red custom leather interior just pops!! against that bright silver body.All the spoilers have been redesigned in metal.

No one set of wheels will please everyone.I would think these one off Pontiac Trans Am inspired ones will work for most.Under the hood 6.0L LS and a custom install.Very clean and they retained the shaker hood scoop.Iconic for a Trans Am.


This 1978 Pontiac Trans Am was built to drive and has all the necessary suspension upgrades to get all that power to the ground.This 1978 Pontiac Trans Am has not lost any of it’s original cool.It just enjoys 40 years of performance research.I’m a fan and I am sure You will be too.

VIA ScottieDTV
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