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Mobile bleacher MOBILSTAIRS Transforming Trailer


The TOUARTUBE TAT Mobile Bleachertrailer seduces with its contemporary look and curved roof made of three-dimensional aluminum structures.

source/image(PrtSc): TOUARTUBE TAT

The structure of the stage offers many possibilities for rigging of sound and light.The roof can be lifted for maximum clearance.The “reversibility” of this mobile bleacher facilitates maneuvers as the stage front can be oriented to the left side or the right side of the trailer.

The manually operated system with mechanized assistance is easy, efficient and very fast. All movements are perfectly balanced for safe and effortless deployment.For additional spectator comfort, the TOUARTUBE TAT Mobile Bleacher is available with an optional weather canopy. Canopy folds and travels with the bleacher. Setup does not require ladders or cranes.


The hydraulically operated grandstand is deployed in 30 minutes with two people.The the TOUARTUBE TAT Mobile Bleacher features:10 Rows high,169 seats ,One person push-button setup – built in hydraulic actuator,24” Seat row spacing for increased comfort,Rounded aluminum guardrails for comfort, attached to bleacher structure for automatic set up and positioning,Hitch – removable, with choice of pintle or 2 5/16” ball coupler, or optional gooseneck,Retractable hitch – permits end-to-end bleacher placement,Tandem axle suspension for highway towing stability with rugged equalizer leaf-spring suspension accommodates curbs and off-road towing,Electric brakes on all four wheels.//TOUARTUBE TAT

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