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Custom Wooden Mountain Bikes Made on CNC Router

Traditionally mountain bikes are made with lightweight but sturdy metals like aluminum, but Savvy Cycles has built its business off of making custom wood bikes for those who want a truly special bicycle.

source/image: LagunaTools

Watch the video the learn about how Savvy Cycles got started and how a Laguna CNC machine has helped make such a unique product possible.

Simply put, wood has natural characteristics that we look for in a bicycle frame material. The ability to absorb vibration is what sets wood as a frame material apart from all other frame materials.


Add to this, wood’s strength to weight ratio, durability and the ability to engineer and form wood into any shape, wood is a viable material for a bicycle frame material. Wood has been called “natures carbon fiber.”Aside from the benefits of woods natural characteristics of strength, vibration dampening and beauty, wood is highly sustainable making it an environmentally responsible choice for a bicycle frame material.